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Our Speakers

Dr. Jai Madaan

Vastu Consultant

Divya Reddy

Fashion Designer

Abhishek Gupta

Career Coach

Karan Kakad

Disease Reversal Expert

Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Career Coach​

Divya Reddy

Fashion Designer​

Mr. Karan Kakad

Disease Reversal Expert​

What We Do?

We Conduct One Exclusive Webinar Every Month Only For The Members.

Different speakers are different people with different journeys, decisions and ideas you may relate to. As an individual, you can derive inspiration and learning from speakers that have emerged in different aspects of life such as health, nutrition, fitness, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, food, entertainment, social media, business, lifestyle, fashion, art, sports, beauty, literature, mental health, design, décor, relationships and what not! Learning from others journey’s which include their mistakes, risks and achievements will help you gain a comprehensive understanding on how you want to pave your life’s journey.

Program Benefits

Such speakers may not only encourage you to find your passion, start something by yourself, pick up a habit, capitalise on your existing talents, but also help you understand one’s life.

Industry Leaders

Learn from industry leaders, the best tips & strategies. Which can open up new ideas and thoughts.

Multi-Field Learning

Someone rightly said “Having an Idea or knowledge of various industries and their processes, helps you in the long run.”


This platform gives you as a viewer the ability to interact and connect with experts who dive into topics that you have a similar interest in. 

Topics To Be Covered

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing society, we bring to you individuals, who will speak about their experiences, decisions, choices and mistakes they’ve made in life that has resulted not only into the person they are today, but also in the manner they have perfected their craft.

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Personal Branding


Social Media



Annual Subscription

Once a month, we help to listen experiences and knowledge shared by others to help you accelerate your learnings with many more activites.


Webinar a Year

Each webinar would be conducted by different speaker once a month.


Minutes Interactive Session

Each session will be 60mins including 15-min Q&A segment.


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We welcome you to join our community of evolving, growing and progressing members and cannot wait to be a part of your learnings. Thank you for your support!

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In-depth, unscripted, deeply inspiring conversations and insights from acclaimed artists, entrepreneurs, makers and world-shakers.