The White Aura


For Speakers

There are many people in the world, who are unaware of the possibilities life has to offer. Several people face similar problems that you may have dealt with to perfect your craft. However unlike you, many don’t have the resources, support, or simply the courage to get where they want to be.

You as a speaker can impart learning, inspire, and impact hundreds of people who admire your work but don’t have a platform to connect with you and listen to your experiences and opinions firsthand. You never know, you might just solve someone’s problem, motivate someone to transform an aspect of their life, help them pick a habit, or trigger them to follow their passion.

Gaining knowledge and experience is the first step to wisdom, sharing it, is the first step to humanity. We know you have read the manual, so our viewers won’t have to. We act as the bridge between people like you, who have gained wisdom in a few aspects of life and those who would benefit from them.

Our Vision

Giving people the power of experience. They believe knowledge is best attained from who have lived through the theories we have read in books.

Our Mission

Mrs. Rajshree Rathi and Mrs. Nidhi Bhuraria have founded this company with a vision of giving people the power of learning from experience.

We believe knowledge is best attained from people who have lived through the theories we have read in books. We aim to take the knowledge and proficiency of acclaimed professionals to people and places that lack the power of learning through experience. We make sure that viewers are exposed to real-world circumstances from the position of someone who has been there, and therefore can learn about insights and perspectives they haven’t heard before. Such firsthand knowledge will benefit them in ways one cannot fathom. We believe an individual is always a Work-In-Progress and therefore aspire to build a community and network of individuals who believe in continuously educating themselves and evolving as individuals.

We welcome you to join our community of evolving, growing and progressing members and cannot wait to be a part of your learnings. Thank you for your support!

In-depth, unscripted, deeply inspiring conversations and insights from acclaimed artists, entrepreneurs, makers and world-shakers.